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Gb Beauty Supply LLC.

In 2006, in the hands of a group of partners, the dream of creating a laboratory to make up beauty products was born without many restrictions that would put barriers to the construction of the company. The desire and the drive to make the project a reality quickly turned into a certified laboratory called Laboratorio Genericos de Belleza, initially with two large clients that allowed to start operations and start generating sales.


After two years, difficulties arose that put the business of these partners at risk. But the dreams were stronger than the difficulties and the love for the project greater than the fears. Looking for its continuation, the great leader of this entire project found a new way to continue making up beauty and body care products. The difficulties that existed in the beginning were only a greater motivation for the partners to move forward in the beauty industry and thus find more attractive and valuable formulas, thus allowing them to fulfill dreams and goals of all their clients.

Currently, the Laboratory has its own production plant, more than 1,000 tested cosmetic formulas and 250 customer brands. In 2020 the partners of the Laboratory consolidated a new dream: to sell their own products abroad. This with the main objective of reducing a little competition at the local level and taking high quality Colombian products to other countries.

This is how GB Beauty Supply was born, with new partners in the United States and its own brand of hair products called Epiphany that seeks to offer a natural formula, free of harmful chemicals for the scalp. The history of the Laboratory and GB Beauty Supply is a story about persistence, optimism and discipline that goes beyond the difficulties to make a dream of positioning high quality beauty products come true in the domestic and foreign markets.

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