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Congratulations you have bought an amazing product that as a professional you will be capable of using. Nevertheless we want to give you some tips on frequent questions that will guarantee perfect results for you and your clientes.

  1. Can I leave the product applied for several days? No, with the time we recommend in the instructions is enough. It’s important that your client never leaves with the product applied because an incorrect use of the product may cause curls.
  2. Can I wash the hair with free salt shampoo at the beginning of the process? No. We recommend a neutral shampoo without silicone or conditioner, because this may close the hair fiber and the product wouldn’t be able to work correctly.
  3. Should I ask the client if he or she has tint in their hair? Yes, its important to know this information because hair tints may close hair fiber blocking the product.We recommend to prepare the hair 8 days before washing it with a neutral shampoo.
  4. What type of flat iron should I use in order to get perfect results and what temperature should it have? We recommend using a Max 240, 3D and Charged Titanium. Temperature must be at 200 F degrees minimum.
  5. Can I use these products in natural hairs? Yes. Virgin hairs usually have their fiber hair very closed up. We recommend washing the hair with neutral shampoo 8 days before applying the product.
  6. Can I apply these products in hair that have used henna before? Yes. We recommend waiting at least for one month after applying henna, and 8 days before using the product, wash the hair with neutral shampoo.
  7. Can I apply the product in humid hair? No, follow the instructions for applying the hair. It must be 100% dry because water blocks the product attributes in the hair fiber.
  8. Is it normal that the eyes burn during the process? No. The product doesn’t hurt or burn. If you are having this problem it might be because you are not using gloves, glasses, and a mask. You may also be applying the product in a place where there’s not enough air. Because you straighten a hair that has keratin, it generates steam that if you aspire, it may affect the eyes, nostrils, ears, or throat, provoking dizziness or headaches.
  9. Can I use the product without gloves? No, we recommend following the biosecurity norms, as gloves, masks, and glasses.
  10. Can I use these products in underaged clients? No, we recommend these products for clientes above 18 years. In case of beign underaged, it’s better to have their parents’ authorization.
  11. After straighting my hair can I use daily shampoo? No, we recommend to use neutral shampoo that doesn’t contain salts.
  12. Can I wash the treatment with dairy shampoo? No, we recommend to use neutral shampoo that doesn’t contain salts.
  13. Can I apply the product for myself? No. The straightening phase with the flat iron requires a professional that helps you.
  14. Can I use peroxide before applying the product? No, you must follow the instructions. Peroxide weakens hair and it might break it for leaving it more time than recommended.
  15. How many times should I pass the flat iron during the straightening process? As many times as the hair requires. You will know when you have achieved your results when you see that the hair is dry and has movement.
  16. Can I brush the hair while the product is applied? No, this might take off all the product. We recommend emulsifying the hair, considering 1cm of root to the tip, making emphasis in the tips in order to close them up.
  17. In the dryer process, can I straighten the hair? No, follow the instructions. Dry the hair freely without a brush. The brush will take off all the product.
  18. Does the product dry the scalp? No, we recommend applying the product from 1cm of the root. Be careful not to touch the scalp.
  19. Does the product may cause hair loss? No, hair loss is a hair follicle problem and the product does not penetrate this part of the hair. It’s the keratin, amino acids and silicon that interact with the hair to give it softness and strength.
  20. How much quantity should I apply in each hair? The product has 120ml of content which is enough for a hair to the middle of the back. You must be careful not to saturate the hair, you have to distribute the product through all hair without leaving dry parts.
  21. Can I apply this product in people that have allergies or respiratory problems? Allergic people get affected easily with grease, steams or fragrances that potentiate at high temperatures. You must ask your client if he or she has a particular condition in order to ask a professional medic.
  22. Can I pick my hair after applying the product? We don’t recommend using hair clips or any other element for picking up your hair because your hair has memory and it may cause curls in the place where you used the elements.
  23. Does the product generate greasy hair? Yes, because the keratin and amino acids that penetrate the hair generate grease that you will perceive in your roots during the first 15 days. It’s important to follow the instructions of the washing. Don’t use salt shampoos or anti grease shampoos. Use only neutral shampoos.
  24. Can this product fail after 8, 15 or 30 days? No, when the product is applied you will see immediate results. THEREFORE, IF YOU HAVE ANY CLAIM YOU MUST DO IT IMMEDIATELY THE NEXT DAY.
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